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Real Casino Mephisto Slot Machines.
Real Casino Slot Machines.
The sophisticated electronics keep the excitement building with a full complement of light and sound effects. Insert one to three tokens (450 included) and lights illuminate to show the payoff possibilities. One token earns one chance of winning center row matches, Two tokens give you three chances any of 3 horizontal rows match. And three tokens can win five ways match along any of 3 horizontal rows or 2 diagonals. Plugs into household outlet. Add this Slot machine to your household and I guaranty it will become one of the hottest and most talked about items in your household. Kids and seniors love playing on it as well.

With this particular slot machine we are offering a Lifetime warranty, 450 Free Tokens,
Instruction Manual, 6 free light bulbs, Reset, door Key. I personally have become a collector myself and collect dozens of these. If for any reason you buy this and are unhappy with it I will refund your money upon return!

Machine info:
All our machines have been expertly reconditioned. they are thoroughly tested to work and look like new. They originally sold for $3,000-4,000 new and they look it. These machines have been converted to accept tokens instead of coins. Machines weigh 85-95 pounds and are approximately 34" high and 24" wide. All Slot machines are built for continuous heavy use in a casino to play 24/7/365 so it would be hard to wear out for home use!

Included with All Slot machines:
450 Free tokens 2 years free service on parts and Labor. Free customer Technical support, Instruction manual, 6 extra light bulbs, reset key and door lock key.

Shipping Info:
We ship all machines in a custom UPS approved box.

Legal Info:
Pachislo Slot machines are only legal in the United States if they are sold to accept tokens. They are not sold for the intended use of gambling of any kind. For home, private use only. We cannot ship to California due to their different state laws.


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Price range : $198.88-$399.99

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